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Bob "Army" Armstrong

The president of the B-Girls Reunion Association is Bob "Army" Armstrong. We asked him to tell us about himself and this is his response.  

I have been asked to give everyone a brief Bio of myself so here we go. I hope I will not bore anyone.

Born and raised in the small town of Sylvania, Ohio, suburb of Toledo, still live here and love it.

After receiving my Draft Notice in the summer of '69 a friend and I went knocking on the doors of recruiters in Toledo, Ohio.  Well the Navy Boot Camp Buddy System sounded good so we both joined and left for Boot Camp in August; guess what, I never saw him, go figure.

While at boot camp I did the crazy thing of volunteering for Submarine Duty.  After Sub School I was given orders for the USS Barbel. OH BOY my first duty station, Hawaii, how great is that. I reported aboard Feb 14th 1970. Ended up in the Torpedo Gang, what a great place to work and play. Long story short I re-enlisted and left Barbel in July of 1973 with a Big Bonus and orders to report to the Toledo Recruiting Office. 

Spent 3 years at home then ordered to the USS Tullibee SSN 597 in Groton. She was already on a Med cruise so flew out to meet her. I spent my last 7 months in the Navy on a boat that never matched the Barbel. Did get my First Class while there but that was not enough to make me want to stay on the nuke, discharged in July’ 77, so much for that, now on to the rest of my life.

Floated around in jobs until April of 1980 when I was hired as a Police Dispatcher with the Sylvania Police Department. Retired in 2009 and am “Living the Dream” with my wife and kids (allgrown).During my 29 years on the Department I served 5 years as Chief Dispatcher. I also was active with the Ohio Chapter of the Associated Public Safety Communications Officers International, serving on the State Board for 8 years, two as President. During this time I helped arrange and oversee several regional conferences involving 13 states.  I was also involved and served as President of several Software Users Groups and helped set up many Users Conferences.

I have been involved with the local VFW Post serving as Commander for one year. I am a Life Member of the VFW and also belong to the American Legion. I am also a Life Member of the USSVI and a past president of the USS Toledo Base of USSVI.

I have been on the Board of Directors of the Sylvania Historical Village since 1993 serving as Facilities Manager.

Information on Portland will be forth coming and I will keep you posted. If you know of other B-Girl Sailors that have not made a Reunion please tell them what they are missing.

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